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Founded in 1936 by J.A. Baldwin, Baldwin Filters offers over 4,800 filter part numbers - the most comprehensive product line in the industry. Baldwin's goal is to have all manufactured products meet or exceed the OEM's specifications. Our design philosophy, coupled with manufacturing under QS9000 and ISO9001 quality programs, assures that you can feel confident your choice will properly protect your equipment.

Our extensive product line gives us the ability to provide in-depth coverage for all types of heavy-duty equipment in primary markets such as over-the-road, off-road, automotive, industrial and marine. We have blended our heavy-duty philosophy into the production of filters for a global range of passenger cars and light utility vehicles.

Baldwin Filters warrants all products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials. If any machine damage is proven to have been caused by a new, properly installed Baldwin product during the equipment or machine manufacturer's recommended service interval, we will reimburse the owner for that portion of the repair costs which were necessary to restore the machine to its condition immediately prior to the time of change. In the event of a claim, contact the Baldwin Service Engineering department for procedure details.

Baldwin filters can be used on equipment under warranty. It is against the law for the equipment manufacturer to void warranty simply because the filter used doesn't have their label. When you use our filters, you get extra protection for your equipment and your warranty.

On a corporate basis, we've been a part of CLARCOR (NYSE), a diversified group of manufacturing companies, since 1981. Our association enables us to contribute and benefit from synergies in quality and advanced filter technology and to steadily expand our ability to provide world-class filter protection.


GRUPA LOTOS S.A. (Rafineria Gdanska SA till 2 June 2003) is one of the biggest Polish companies, and the biggest company in Pomeranian Region. Our activities include processing of petroleum, distribution and sale of a wide range of petroleum products, such as lead-free petrols, diesel oils, heating oils, aviation fuel, lubricating oils, asphalts, gases.

GRUPA LOTOS S.A. is a joint-stock company which manages the second largest refinery in Poland. The company's business is refining crude oil, processing it into finished products, and also various commercial activities in Poland and abroad - buying crude oil, importing components, and distributing and selling oil products.

The refinery comprises three basis technological blocks:

  • fuel block with processing capacity of 6 million tons of petroleum per year
  • oil block with manufacturing capacity of 250 thousand tons per year
  • hydrocracking complex for processing heavy fractions of petroleum

We have access to petroleum through the terminal in Northern Port in Gdansk and through the "Przyjazn" pipeline.

Amongst Leading European Refineries

In 2000 we have completed a plan for expansion and modernization of manufacturing plants, which allowed our company to enter the circle of modern European refineries. We have been the first in the industry to eliminate lead from the manufactured petrols, and to limit the level of benzene and sulphur. The diesel oils manufactured in the refinery fulfil the EU requirements, and in some respects exceed them by several years.

World Quality Engine Oils

Our company for many years has been a leading manufacturer of lubricating oils, of which the LOTOS family is the most renowned oil brand in Poland. The manufactured oils fulfil severe quality requirements and are approved by leading car manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, Volvo, MAN, BMW, Porsche.

Environmental Care

GRUPA LOTOS S.A. makes many efforts to ensure the best possible state of the air, surface and underground water, and to minimize the quantity of generated waste. Environmental protection is one of the most important elements of business strategy of our company.

The pro-ecological goals are realized by means of an environmental policy coordinated within the framework of Environmental Management System in force in GRUPA LOTOS S.A., in accordance with the standard ISO 14001.

Our Priority Is The Market

Since the last year our company is undergoing an intensive process of changes. In order to increase the efficiency of market activities in individual areas, the companies: LOTOS Paliwa, LOTOS Oil, LOTOS Partner, LOTOS Mazowsze, LOTOS Ekoenergia, LOTOS Kolej, LOTOS Serwis and LOTOS Lab have been separated, and they already realize ambitious tasks and market plans.

330 petrol stations function within the network of GRUPA LOTOS S.A., which guarantee good standard of service. Development plans assume continuous expansion of the network and constant improvement of Customer service.

Management Systems

GRUPA LOTOS S.A. holds a certificate of Integrated Management System that covers the system for management of quality, environment, industrial safety, and Internal Control System.


GRUPA LOTOS S.A. faces the challenges involving privatisation, development and restructuring in both technological and market area. Only development of GRUPA LOTOS S.A. guarantees keeping the competitive position on Polish and European petroleum market. Important element of the development is the planned investment of plant complex for gasification of heavy residuals from petroleum processing IGCC - Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle.


After business restructuring effective from 1 January 2007, Oy Teboil Ab is the parent company of the Teboil Group, and is the sole owner of the subsidiaries Suomen Petrooli Oy and Suomen Tahtihovit Oy. Oy Teboil Ab is owned by OAO Lukoil.

Teboil is engaged in the marketing, sales and distribution of oil and energy products, and service station activities in Finland. Suomen Petrooli is responsible for the sourcing and logistics of oil products, and manufactures Teboil lubricants. Suomen Tahtihovit Oy operates seven major service stations, including Teboil Tahtihovi and Teboil Pirkanhovi.

Oy Teboil Ab markets oil products and related services to local government and public-sector owned organisations, industry, entrepreneurs and private consumers. The company provides servicing for transportation through its nationwide Teboil service station chain and diesel automat network. At the beginning of 2007, the chain comprised 192 service stations and 117 unmanned stations. As a result of the Jet merger, the network will grow considerably during 2007 when 49 unmanned points are to be integrated into the Teboil chain. Commercial traffic is served by around 400 refuelling stations, of which 207 are unmanned diesel points.

The product range encompasses gasoline and diesel motor fuel, light and heavy fuel oil, LP gas, lubricants and automotive chemicals. Lubricants are produced at the companyís modern plant in Hamina. The main objectives of the companyís quality policy are the faultless technical functioning of oil products, and that their use results in as little environmental burden as possible. The quality level of all products is controlled at the oil laboratory, which operates in conjunction with the plant. Teboilís lubricant production and laboratory activities have been granted the SFS-EN ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate and SFS-EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental certificate.

With its 24.5% market share of oil product sales in 2006, Teboil is Finlandís second largest oil company. Established in Helsinki in 1934, Teboil is today one of the oldest oil companies in Finland.


Measuring, Monitoring & Managing...

Condition monitoring made simple! Kittiwake's test kits and test equipment allow the user to effectively measure, monitor and manage the quality of essential fluids used to maintain and operate capital equipment.

Kittiwake are world leaders in design, manufacture and distribution of technically advanced test kits, equipment and products for the industrial, marine, power generation and offshore markets.

Fuel & Lubricant Testing

Equipment for condition monitoring, controlling and managing the operating condition of fuel and lube oils in equipment such as diesel engines, compressors, trubines, gearboxes and generators.

Water Testing

Kittiwake's extensive range of test kits and electronic instruments enable field engineers and facilities managers to determine the exact characteristics of water samples.

Maintenance Efficiency

Kittiwake's test kits ensure engineers can minimise risk, reduce costs and improve operating results.

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