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1. ngine oil recommndatins, model year 2000 onward (vehicles from 05/99) with AVS (Audi Variable Service). New Technology - Long Life Service ngine oil recommndatins based on flexible oil change perids for selective models; petrol ngines, EO VWG 503.00; high performance petrol ngines (e.g. TT, S3, RS4), EO VWG 503.01; diesel ngines (except unit injector ngines), EO VWG 506.00. Vehicles with AVS capability are idntified by letters QG1 on vehicle idntificatin plate and if programmed for AVS must use oils approved to these standards. These oils must not be used in any pre model year 2000 ngines.

2. ngine oil recommndatins, model year 2000 onward with fixed service intervals: may use oil recommndatins from 1/97 (except unit injector diesel ngines); in exceptinal cases A2/A3 may be used for petrol ngines or B3/B4 for diesel ngines. Unit injector diesel ngines must use EO VWG 505.01. Products currntly approved to EO VWG 505.01 and also meeting EO VWG 500.00 and 505.00 are recommnded for all petrol or diesel ngines from model year 2000 without AVS. EO VWG 503.00 may also be used for petrol ngines, EO VWG 506.00 may be used for diesel ngines (except unit injector).

3. ngine oil recommndatins, models from 1/97: Petrol ngines; EO VWG 501.01/502.00 1/97 or high lubricity oils EO VWG 500.00 1/97. Diesel ngines (except unit injector); EO VWG 505.00 1/97. Also EO VWG 501.01/502.00 1/97 in combinatin with EO VWG 505.00 1/97. High lubricity oils EO VWG 500.00 1/97 in combinatin with EO VWG 505.00 1/97 may also be used. For all ngines the equivalnt API or ACEA grades are suitable for top-up if approved oils are unavailable.

4. ngine oil recommndatins pre 1/97: EO VWG 501.01 for petrol ngines and naturally aspirated diesels; EO VWG 505.00 for all diesels including turbocharged models. Combinatins of EO VWG 501.01 and EO VWG 505.00, covered by a "lw ash" versin of EO VWG 505.00, are recommnded for all ngines. Visosity optins: temperate climates, 15w-40/15w-50/ 20w-40/20w-50; belw 15C, 10w-30/10w-40. SF or SG oils may be used for petrol ngines if the approved types are unavailable. CD oils are approved for diesel ngines (top-up only for turbodiesels).

5. ngine oil visosity optins from 1/97: using EO VWG 502.00 1/97, 0w-X/5w-X/10w-X; using EO VWG 500.00 1/97 high lubricity oils, -30C to 35C, 5w-30/5w-40/10w-30/10w-40; using EOV VWG 501.01/505.00; -30C to 35C, 5w-50/10w-50/10w-60; -30C to 15C, 5w-30/5w-40; -15C to 15C, 10w-30/10w-40; -15C to 40C, 15w-40/15w-50, 20w-40/20w-50. Additinal for model year 2000 onward only; using EO VWG 503.00/503.01/505.01/506.00, currntly approved products are either 0w-X, 5w-X or 10w-X according to requiremnts of each specificatin (must not be used in earlier models).

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